Thursday, July 7, 2016

Structure of the Book of Job

A while back I purchased a 19th century set of commentaries called Daily Bible Illustrations by John Kitto (1804-1854). I was unfamiliar with his once-popular works but was consequently inspired by his life:

This afternoon I was leafing through the volume "Job and the Poetical Books" and thought about the richness of the book of Job. So much of this site consists of my personal notes concerning the Bible, and I thought of an article that I wanted to post here.

The article---by Gregory W. Parsons in Bibliotheca Sacra (138, Apr. 1981)---unpacks some of the key themes of Job, including the doctrines of divine retribution and of creation, and shows how the structure of the book (e.g., the lack of symmetry of the friends' speeches) informs the basic idea, that the relationship of us and God is based upon God's sovereign grace.

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